We’ve just received news that the University Council’s pre-meeting dinner tomorrow (Tuesday) has been cancelled. Our planned March on the Shard was designed to coincide with the dinner, to demonstrate students’ unwavering support for divestment and create a presence decision makers can’t ignore.

We will still be marching, 4PM at Temple.

We are now also calling for a picket at the Council meeting at 10AM on Wednesday outside the Shard, along with the march the day before.

Management have already selected a venue for the decision 100 miles away from the student populace. It’s possible that they have decided to cancel the planned dinner due to our scheduled march. We were informed that ‘costs’ caused them to cancel the pre-meeting dinner. However, it seems highly unlikely that management suddenly realised the cost of putting up Council members in London accommodation. The timing of the announcement and manner in which it was carried out suggests a tactical cancellation, although this isn’t immediately provable. At the least, they appear to have withheld telling us about the cancellation until the last minute, hoping to cause us confusion.

Additionally, contrary to all reasonable expectations, Fossil Free Warwick representatives have been denied a place in the Council meeting. We will therefore be unable to directly argue our case in the meeting, and have been deprived of access to this ‘democratic channel’.

We strongly urge all in London to attend these actions. Stand in solidarity with us and those in the global South most devastated by the continued collusion of our universities with the fossil fuel industry, and help us pressure the Council into divesting.


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